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Spectacular National Parks

Host to three of the most spectacular national parks in Quebec, Nunavik shelters true gems of nature that are sure to delight fans of the great outdoors, whether hiking or even mountaineering, sea kayaking or white water rafting, backcountry skiing or snowshoeing. The Pingualuit National Park is home to the famous crater bearing the same name, a perfectly circular lake within the walls of an ancient meteorite strike, now filled with one of the purest water in the world. The Kuururjuaq National Park boasts the highest peaks of Quebec, the mythical Torngat Mountains — also the highest in North America, east of the Rockies, through which flows the majestic Koroc River, following an ancient Inuit route leading to Ungava Bay. Last but not least, the Tursujuq National Park, which is the province’s biggest national park, covering 26,107 km2 where inland seas bathe amongst spectacular cuestas reminiscent of the Far West.

Fantastic Arctic Wildlife

Nunavik is also the realm of a fantastic Arctic wildlife, on which rules the revered polar bear, a truly remarkable marine mammal that can be observed in its natural coastal habitat. It is also possible to bear witness the great caribou migration of one of the largest herds in the world. Exclusive encounters with the musk ox, a prehistoric specimen straight out of the Ice Age, as well as with other members of the Arctic fauna, such as the elusive tundra wolves, are also amongst the highlights of a journey to Nunavik.

Vibrant Inuit Culture

Land of the Inuit, a friendly people of many legends, it’s with your hosts that you must discover this Far North region of Quebec. Proud of their unique ancestral heritage, the Inuit of Nunavik are more than happy to share their way of life with visitors keen on discovering their vibrant culture. Whether you visit the national parks, go track wildlife or fishing with them, head out on the land on a dog sled to sleep in an igloo beneath the Northern lights or simply visit one of their tight-knit communities, you’re in for a truly authentic experience! Their elders’ stories, mesmerizing throat songs and legends coming to life in soapstone will stay with you for a lifetime of memories.

For more information on the region : 

Tourisme Nunavik

P.O. Box 779
Kuujjuaq, QC J0M 1C0
Toll Free: 1-855-NUNAVIK (686-2845)
Telephone: +1 819-964-2876 

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