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Book your Explore Québec package with a participating travel agency and get a minimum discount of 35%.

The Explore Québec On the Road packages and Electric packages are back for the next winter season, from November 1st, 2022 to March 31st, 2023. Stay tuned, the offer will be gradually expanded!

The Explore Québec Air packages are presently available for trips that can be completed until December 31st, 2023. Book now ! Or ask for a customized package for your next vacations!

Please note that discounts on Explore Québec On the road packages and Electric packages are offered to residents of Quebec only. However, discounts on Air packages are available to everyone.

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Explore Québec packages are created and sold by Québec travel agencies. These destination experts give peace of mind to travellers by providing advice and assistance, beneficial cancellation policies and flexible financial protection. Travelling with them means encouraging the local economy and making sure that you have a safe and low-cost vacation.

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This year, make your life easier. Contact one of the participating travel agencies and book an Explore Québec package for your next vacation or gateway in Québec !

The Explore Québec On the road packages offer 35% minimum discount and include a minimum of 1-night stay and 2 activities. The Air packages offer discount on your plane ticket. They can all be adapted to your needs to create your dream holiday !

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