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Mauricie: a region of stunning, untouched natural beauty less than 90 minutes from the major city centres.

Mauricie: the region next door.

It’s vast and beautiful, with activities of all kinds, for all tastes. Its territory spans over 40,000 km2 and is home to 17,500 lakes, parks and immense forests, countryside and towns—set aside some time to answer its call!

The myriad stories of lumberjacks and log drivers, hunting, and fishing depict the industrialization of Quebec. There’s also a repository of tales, legends, and folklore.

Mauricie is the warmth of microbreweries you won’t find elsewhere; it’s the nature and great outdoors of its 536-km2 national park; it’s also nearly 100 outfitters. It’s the patios in Trois-Rivières, a history-filled locality, and the gentility of its poetry.

Mauricie is also Shawi and its Cité de l’énergie with its 115-m tower; it’s the stately log wood construction of Hôtel Sacacomie; it’s the spiritual peace and quiet of Baluchon, Éco-villégiature. It’s the relaxation of fishing at Lac Blanc outfitter and at Auberge du Lac-à-l’eau Claire.

Mauricie is right next door; head on down

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Tourisme Mauricie 

1882, rue Cascade, C.P. 100,
Shawinigan (Québec), G9N 8S1
Toll free (Canada / U.S.) : 1 800 567-7603
Telephone : 1 819 536-3334

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